Review: King Witch – Shoulders of Giants (EP)

Posted: July 3, 2016 in Reviews
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Spoiler alert: this is my new favourite band. So you can expect this review to be positive straight off the bat, but this is a band I only discovered only two days ago and I am smitten by their riff prowess and emotive power. King Witch are a four piece that hail from Edinburgh and play a soulful, grooving style of heavy doom. Their new EP, ‘Shoulders of Giants’ is out now, and should be an essential purchase.

When the opening title track kicks in, after delicate notes emerge from the gloomy intro part, you know you’re in for a bit of a treat. The guitar work is reminiscient of the air guitar doomlord Matt Pike, and there are a number of High on Fire-isms spread out amongst these 3 songs. But the highlight is the powerful and versatile vocal talents of frontwoman Laura Donnelly. Her siren-like voice channels the best and most potent of trad metal and doom singers, from JB Christoffersen and Dio to Emily Kopplin. The catchy refrain here is a highlight too, and the beguiling voice is one I could spend the rest of my days listening to without complaint.

The more dynamic ‘Full Moon King’, which is possessed of a mighty gallop as well as a more melancholic clean section that show more vocal range, leads into the potent epic doom of ‘Lucid’, where molten riffs of mighty doom crash against a gloomy siren on a rock. This is a tour de force, and closes the EP as brilliantly as it opened. King Witch are my new Mount Salem, and for long time readers you’ll know how much that praise means. I cannot wait for more from these guys!


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