Live Review: Ommadon/Legion of Andromeda/King Witch (30/06/16)

Posted: July 3, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Live Reviews
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A damp Thursday night in June saw me travel to Nice n Sleazys in Glasgow to see Legion of Andromeda, a band who did me the great honour a year or two ago of using one of my quotes from my Sleeping Shaman review on the front of their debut full length, ‘Iron Scorn’. So I wanted to go and support them on their live adventure!

First up though, and my greatest revelation of the evening, were the superlative King Witch from Edinburgh. Despite being short a bassist due to illness, their powerful, soulful groove was mesmerising. Imagine the primal power of Conan or High on Fire but with female vocals. Speaking of the vocals, frontwoman Laura has the kind of voice I could spend the rest of my life listening to; a mix of Mount Salem and Grand Magus that set every song on fire. Awesome stuff, which sent me directly to the merch stand to get a shirt and an EP. Expect a review imminently.

Next up was the reason I was there initially, Legion of Andromeda. I thought they were uncomfortably dense on record, but nothing prepared me for their live performance. It was truly, painfully apocalyptic. An incessant strobe light pointed directly into the crowd made the experience even more of an endurance test, but their tar thick, dense assault is like staring into the maw of infinity and feeling your very veins vibrate. Translation: very loud but very good!

Last but not least were Glasgow drone doom lords Ommadon, who played for a full 53 minutes without stopping once. If Legion of Andromeda were the black hole of infinity, then Ommadon are the immense beast of unfathomable decay that crawls out from that hole and destroys the universe. They were vast; wreathed in smoke and drenched in distortion, and their primal, Neolithic waves of riff rolled over us all. An earth shaking close to a great evening!

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