Review: Thundering Herd – Backyard Junkyard

Posted: June 30, 2016 in Reviews
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Backyard Junkyard cover art

North Carolinian bruisers Thundering Herd have dropped their new record ‘Backyard Junkyard’, a record chock full of (excuse the pun) thunderous groove and old school RAWK! Available on their Bandcamp now!

You’re looking at an album here that is pulsing with muscular riffing, a ton of massive groove and a sweet Southern stoner vibe that is thoroughly energising. Sometimes you need something dark, brutal or heavier than hell, and sometimes you need something that rocks hard and sets your head nodding. Thundering Herd are here for the latter, and on songs like the great ‘Stars, Bars and Mason Jars’, they really capture that feeling perfectly. The vocal hooks are catchy, and there’s almost something a bit thrashy about their riff patterns in places. Imagine Clutch made love to Lamb of God, and you’d be getting there.

The soulful swagger of ‘Aces and 8s’, the grinding ‘Chopper’ and the muscular ‘Some Assembly Required’ are some of my highlights, but it’s not difficult to find a good, banging track on this album. It’s big, dumb and full of groove, and sometimes that’s all you need.

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