Review: Meuchelmord – Nostalgia

Posted: June 27, 2016 in Reviews
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German depressive black metallers Meuchelmord have returned from a few EPs last year with a new full length, ‘Nostalgia’. The name translates to ‘treacherous murder’, and the dark oppressive nature of ‘Nostalgia’ seeps into your very pores, infecting you with a gloomy misery.

Meuchelmord bring to the table a cold, clammy black metal that clings to you like a funereal mist. You see the world as a grey husk while the buzzing ‘Rabensang’ haunts your existence. That isn’t to say that there aren’t some brighter spots, where melody peeks through the shroud and casts light upon tracks like ‘Grau’. But the overriding, pervasive sadness is soothing in places, especially on the synthy interlude ‘Zwischenspiel’.

A hypnotic, mournful shriek from forests of grey rain and misty clearings, ‘Nostalgia’ is an album that conjures up the likes of Darkthrone or Mayhem, but takes them to a darker, more morbid place. Stark imagery on the cover and inner booklet hint at past pains, and the melancholic, atmospheric black metal served up matches it entirely. A ode to forgotten misery and pain, Meuchelmord are thoroughly absorbing.

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