Review: Plateau Sigma – Rituals

Posted: June 22, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Plateau Sigma - Rituals

Italian funeral death/doom lords Plateau Sigma bring the misery and the crushing apocalypse on their newest record ‘Rituals’, out now on Avantgarde Music. A weaving of graceful melodies and unbearably heavy morbid doom awaits anyone who begins this journey.

Opener ‘The Nymphs’ is clean, gloomy guitar with muffled giggling in behind, building to the monolithic dirge of ‘Palladion’. Dense, crawling riffs link with glacial quiet sections, while a soulful, almost David Tibet-style spoken word vocal builds into a powerful roar. Plateau Sigma work with post metal stylings; a slow burn build into powerful realms of the riff. Couple that with a rumbling, death/doom style and you’ve got something resembling Neurosis mixing with Paradise Lost.

The haunting drone of ‘The Bridge and the Abyss’ is a personal favourite track, but Plateau Sigma’s deft touch brings multiple shades to the dark, looming miasma of their music. The ghostly clean vocals of ‘Cvltrvm’ meshes beautifully with the propulsive bottom end, while soulful guitar melodies cruise through an ashen sky. This is a band whose maturity and song writing is infinitely impressive.

A mountainous, miserable record that is equal parts graceful melody and crushing, deathly inevitability, as the two part title track closes with glacial simplicity. Plateau Sigma are worth getting into, as their mournful heft is a sheer delight.

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