Review: Serpent Spells – Mantras Within Ascending Fire

Posted: June 17, 2016 in Reviews
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Serpent Spells - Mantras Within Ascending Fire

Bangladeshi blackened death metallers Serpent Spells have arisen from the eastern fringes of this world with their debut EP, ‘Mantras Within Ascending Fire’, out now on Godz of War Productions. It seems appropriate that such a release oozes with hatred and fire, considering the terrible events that have befallen the people of Bangladesh recently in the forms of brutal, religiously motivated murders.

Opener ‘Prism of Flesh (Entrance)’ sets the scene nicely with a crackling fire and ominous choral backdrop to delicate acoustics. The imminent detonation of ‘Piercing the Cervix of Nehemah’ is no less visceral when it arrives; with savage riffing and a throat shredding vocal. There is some more straightforward, expansive sections that work well, but Serpent Spells work best at full bloodstained throttle. A relentless Bathory worship is clearly on show here, but there’s also throwbacks to vintage Marduk and Darkthrone too.

I like the eerie parts of ‘Scourge Heretic Consecration’ and the immolating rage of the closing title track is enough to raise the horns of even the most jaded black metaller. Uncompromising, brutal and thoroughly enjoyable, Serpent Spells capture pure fucking armaggeddon in a release, and if you get your hands on a copy, you will be richly rewarded.

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