Review: Goholor – In Saeculis Obscuris

Posted: June 17, 2016 in Reviews
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Goholor - In Saeculis Obscuris

Slovakian death metallers Goholor dropped their debut EP back in January on Symbol of Domination, and it is four tracks of seething, bubbling deathly fury. ‘In Saeculis Obscuris’ is merely a taste of what is to come.

Opener ‘Art of Infernal Power’ beats with this propulsive power, a relentless rumbling powerhouse of a track that oozes with influences from Bolt Thrower to Obituary and everything in between. Peddling an old school groove, but blending in plenty of fierce blasting too, Goholor have got some killer, buzzsaw riffs. The scathing, Behemoth-esque ‘Naberius Daemon’ is a personal highlight, with its eerie tones and insidious melodies.

The striking thing for me about ‘In Saeculis Obscuris’ is the pure venom with which it is delivered. A flesh searing darkness and evil pervades every track, while the cavernous roar of frontman Anton channels latter day Glen Benton at his blasphemous best. Goholor have got that Eastern European ferocity down to a tee, feeding from the dark chaos unleashed by the likes of Azarath and Behemoth, with dashes of Belphegor in there too. This is a band that could be very big in the underground if their full length follows up on this debut. AWESOME!


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