Review: Mythrias – Absolving the Treacherous

Posted: June 11, 2016 in Reviews
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American deaththrash upstarts Mythrias have dropped their debut EP ‘Absolving the Treacherous’ in Spetember last year, and it’s a great, energetic five tracks with some quality leadwork and some catchy tunes. Plus, it has an Offspring cover on it which I admire simply due to the balls to put that on such a traditional metal format.

Opening title track is a galloping piece of raw thrash with some superb leads later on. Relatively straightforward (we weren’t expecting Metallica or Revocation here), Mythrias stick to their formula pretty tightly and for the most part it works very well. Each track is dripping with quality riffs, and tracks like ‘I am Fire, I am Death’ and the superb melodic leads of ‘Sounding the Horn of Atonement’ makes you want to bang your head with righteous vigor.

After the rampant ‘Lamia’ comes the only strange point of the EP, the aforementioned Offspring cover. Its ‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’, an old favourite of mine from when I was a kid. Personally, I’m not sure it works quite as well as a thrashy death number, but kudos for picking an out there track for a band like this to cover. Other than that, ‘Absolving the Treacherous’ is a quality release from a band that I’m going to enjoy following from here! Excellent stuff


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