Review: Nashorn – Echoes of War

Posted: June 6, 2016 in Reviews
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Nashorn - Echoes of War

Nashorn means ‘rhinocerous’ in German, so you can expect these Finnish doomsters to be heavy as hell. Or bad tempered, whichever comes first. Last year saw the release of their debut EP ‘Echoes of War’ after a couple of demos. It is available from Morbid Syndicate Records.

Opener ‘The Crucial Attack’  weaves a mournful riff through an early Paradise Lost vibe; a doom laden death metal piece that conjures up that murky 90s feel. There is a melancholic, almost sinister tone to each track, infusing each riff with a vintage stench of classic Scandanavian death. Nashorn capture that era perfectly, whether its in the propulsive ‘Towards Sinister’ or in the rabid ‘Catastrophic Kill’, which melds both gloomy melody and chugging Entombed worship.

Nashorn combines glorious melancholy and vintage death metal riffs to create ‘Echoes of War’, and it is a triumph. You’d have to delve back into your classic death metal collection to find something that matches this, as I haven’t heard such perfect old school death/doom worship in years. Rotting, fetid thumbs up guys!


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