Review: Clawhammer Abortion – Slaughter Campaign

Posted: June 6, 2016 in Reviews
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Well this has got to be one of the better death metal band names. Without a note played, I’m guessing a Cannibal Corpse influenced sound, because it definitely sounds like a CC song title. Clawhammer Abortion bring the brutality on second album, ‘Slaughter Campaign’, out now on Distrust Records.

The opening title track rattles with gunfire and explosions, before a lumbering riff emerges and evolves into a skullfucking razorblade to the jugular. Savage and precise, there’s a hefty chunk of Swedeath worship going on here, with a chainsawing assault. ‘You Must Burn’ is a gurgling slab of deathgrind mayhem; rampant and unstoppable in its attack. Clawhammer Abortion sound just like their namesake amateur medical procedure; vicious, bloody and unbearably brutal.

‘Cannibalized’ is a slower, doomier approach, coming somewhere in between the tectonic force of Bolt Thrower and the gurgling fetid mess of Autopsy. It’s frankly awesome, and provides the most neck wrecking chug of the entire piece. Clawhammer Abortion bounce between filthy Swedish death and savage grindcore, and it is a refreshing mix that makes ‘Slaughter Campaign’ such an enjoyable listen. The righteous groove of ‘Illusion of Significance’ and the equally heavy ‘To Worship in Vain’ catapults Clawhammer Abortion to the top of my death metal favourites list for this month, as ‘Slaughter Campaign’ is an infectious slab of rabid death metal!


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