Review: Sludgehammer – The Fallen Sun

Posted: June 2, 2016 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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With a name like Sludgehammer, you’ve got to be pretty heavy. Otherwise you’ll come across as a muddy tool, which is all I can assume a Sludgehammer is. Fortunately, these Canadian brusiers have definitely hit the heavy on the head with their debut record ‘The Fallen Sun’. The record is out on June 10th through their Bandcamp.

Energetic death/thrash is the order of the day here, with some fantasic lead work running rampant through opener ‘Demons from the Woodwork’. What I do like about this record is the occasional break into ‘RAWK’ clean vocals that works without coming across as slightly cheesy. The riffs are straight from the playbook of legends like The Haunted, latter day Megadeth and Kreator, and Sludgehammer meld them into a record that’s bursting with headbanging moments. You wanna be good at thrash? Create riffs like these and you’re halfway there!

The chugging neck wreckers continue, like the anthemic ‘Carrion Eaters’ and the thrashing ‘Carnivorous Forest’. Sludgehammer sound like they’d be a storming live proposition, and their catchy as fuck, moshtastic tunes are sure to light up pits from Toronto to Tokyo. The production is clean and crisp, and the songwriting is impressive considering this is a debut record. They’ve obviously worked hard to create a record with plenty of hooks, riffs and roaring heavy metal power. Heartily recommended!


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