Review: Caecus – Affliction

Posted: May 31, 2016 in Reviews
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Caecus - Affliction

The creators of this tsunami of dark and evil music have excelled themselves. ‘Affliction’ sees Caecus make their recorded debut on 7″ through Blood Harvest, and it is a perfect band/label match. The dense, gloomy assault is infectious and invigorating, whilst in no small way totally and utterly visceral.

The furious blackened maelstorm of ‘I’ tears open this three track EP with venomous intent. A cacophonous assault on the senses, Caecus have a vicious, bloody black metal streak that rips at your flesh, while a guttural death metal bellow roars from the deep. The propulsive, relentless crush of ‘II’ has some underlying atmosphere that is just excellent. The first two songs are rapid fire, less that two and a half minute attacks of savage blackened death metal while ‘III’ is a little bit more.

‘III’ is my favourite track here because it possesses a little bit more dynamics, which allows the band to flex its creative muscle more. Sure, the shorter tracks showcase the relentless and savage side, but ‘III’ has this doomier feel; where the beating stops just long enough for you to ponder what is next when sweet death finally arrives. A gloomy, atmospheric piece of blackened doom interrupted by blastbeats is music to my ears. Go buy this now!

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