Review: Hellsworn – Repulsive Existence

Posted: May 25, 2016 in Reviews
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Hellsworn - Repulsive Existence

UK death metallers Hellsworn are finally getting their classic debut ‘Repulsive Existence’ rereleased on CD! Released on cassette and CD-R by Eldritch Lunar Miasma records in 2014, yours truly has a copy but now it is getting a rerelease  through Underground Movement, it’s definitely time to revisit this hidden gem!

‘Repulsive Existence’ is 20 minutes of filthy, sewage ridden death metal. You can tell immediately that there is a hefty Swedeath influence here, with the title track, and particularly ‘Sons of Serpents’ reeking of classic Grave riffs. It’s relentless, it has that vintage chainsaw buzzing riff style. A guitar tone that you could saw through bone with is always a bonus, and Hellsworn have that nailed absolutely. Mining riffs from the Entombed/Dismember back catalogue but infecting them with their own fetid touch, Hellsworn have created something that balances that fine line between tribute and outright theft.

That is not to say that Hellsworn are mere Entombed clones. No, more that they have a full understanding of what this style means, and how to execute it perfectly. The rusty switchblade of ‘Voices from Beyond the Grave’ goes for the jugular, while the scathing ‘Serial Misanthropy’ is beautiful in its ugly, ragged death metal glory. UK death metal is alive and kicking, and Hellsworn with take their place among new legends like Plague Rider or Live Burial as the new wave. ‘Repulsive Existence’ is everything you need in a death metal record these days; brutal, nasty and heavy as fuck.


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