Review: Abscendent – Decaying Human Condition

Posted: May 22, 2016 in Reviews
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Italy seems to have more and more quality metal bands coming out of the woodwork these days than ever before. Meet Abscendent, a potent deaththrash outfit with their debut album ‘Decaying Human Condition’ out now on Revalve Records.

The immediate thought that comes to your mind when opener ‘Penance’ hits your ears is how crisp and precise it seems. There’s a line of hefty, chunky thrash riffs laced with tinges of propulsive death metal, like a thrashier Lamb of God in spots. There’s a touch of modern Destruction in the riffing, and the songs are well written. They’re all pretty long, with ‘Doppelganger’ reaching almost 9 minutes, but they keep the attention which is key. There’s a little bit of sameyness that rears its head every so often, but generally the songs are good with plenty of fist raising moments.

As a modern deaththrash record, ‘Decaying Human Condition’ is a strong piece of work; the songs are all chock full of great riffing and headbanging inducing parts. I think if the band can inject a little bit more in the way of dynamics to the songs that would help improve the overall package, but as a debut ‘Decaying Human Condition’ is very impressive. I look forward to hearing more!


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