Review: Lucifer’s Hammer – Beyond the Omens

Posted: May 20, 2016 in Reviews
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Lucifer's Hammer - Beyond the Omens

Holy shit, where the fuck did Lucifer’s Hammer comes from? I mean, obviously, not just Chile, but where have a band this awesome been hiding? ‘Beyond the Omens’ is the debut full length from these South Americans and it is a ripping collection of vintage 80s heavy metal worship so potent and catchy you’ll need to go to your doctors for cream….

Opener ‘The Hammer of the Gods’ is replete with classic King Diamond-isms, along with classic twin guitar harmonies and a powerful vocal performance from frontman Hades. The speedy, instrumental eponymous track is next, invoking much headbanging and the invisible oranges. A record you can instantly just fall in love with, ‘Beyond the Omens’ is insanely catchy and takes you back to that glorious mid 80s heyday for this kind of metal. A heyday that is long overdue for a return to form, and Lucifer’s Hammer look to be the band do just that.

The brooding ‘Dying’ is an unexpected highlight, a subtly melodic slab of metal that evokes classic Angel Witch, while the galloping title track is an excellent closer. Lucifer’s Hammer have surprised me entirely with this record. I expected something a little less polished and memorable, but ‘Beyond the Omens’ is a piece of beauty. There’s an electricity that snakes through the veins of the soaring ‘Shining Blade’ and it is impossible not to enjoy the galloping glory of ‘Black Mysteries’. This is a record that grows and grows with each listen, and is fast becoming one of my most beloved records of 2016.


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