Review: Front – Iron Overkill

Posted: May 20, 2016 in Reviews
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Front - Iron Overkill

Finland’s Front were probably not one of the bands that Barack Obama had in mind when he praised Finnish heavy metal recently, but he’d be recommended to pump on some of this excellent, blackened thrash debut. The band is made up of well practiced members of the Finnish underground, and ‘Iron Overkill’ is a rampant assault of nasty, rusted thrash riffs and gurgling vocals of hatred.

The opening one-two punch of ‘Defiance’ and ‘Legion Front’ is enough to bring a smile to even the most well worn, leather and spike clad black metaller. Sounding like the murky, poisonous cousin of prime Marduk,  but still squeezing in glimpses of headbanging speed metal, Front are a perfect fit for label Iron Bonehead to put out. An infectious intensity marks out ‘I Am Death’ for me as a highlight, but as an example of blackened thrash at its best, ‘Iron Overkill’ is perfect. A heady cocktail of proper nasty black/thrash riffing ala early Bathory, couples with an almost trad metal sense of headbanging riffs that Lemmy would’ve been proud of.

The rabid ‘Wargods Unbound’, the brutal ‘Cold Gravel Grave’ or the blastbeat riddled ‘Kypck’; each song provides more fuel for the fire under this malevolent cauldron of evil. Filthy riffing and an unholy vocal performance muscles Front to the foreground of the scene, where they’ll entrench in behind barbed wire to defend their war metal assault. ‘Iron Overkill’ is an album you’ll wanna spin again and again and again.


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