Review: Necrosic – Putrid Decimation

Posted: May 16, 2016 in Reviews
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Necrosic - Putrid Decimation

Nuclear War Now! Productions have bestowed upon us the debut from Necrosic, a new project from Autopsy’s Eric Cutler. This immediately establishes Necrosic as a band with a pedigree to live up to. Thankfully, ‘Putrid Decimation’ does exactly, a sludgy primal death metal rumble that is sure to satisfy fans of blood curdling, steamrolling metal of death.

Opener ‘Vomit Transmutation’ is underpinned by a dense drumming performance, and rumbling death metal riffs loom large over the top, while a throaty growl belches various intonations of evil. The relentless ‘Spawn of Radiation’ is a hearty Bolt Thrower style destroyer, with chunky riffage dominating the pallette. This is simple but effective; Necrosic do not assault with technicality, instead opting for a more full on, bulldozing death metal performance. Punctured with some nice solos, the songs are well built, and feel like the solid USDM sound is still alive and kicking.

If the likes of ‘My Casket Drains’ don’t inspire you to bang your head at the elephantine groove, then there’s a chance you’re dead from the neck up. Necrosic are unbearably heavy in parts, and their simple riffing and songwriting is infinitely more satisfying than tech death wankery. This is death metal you can rely on to crush your mind until it runs out your ear holes!


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