Review: Blood of the Wolf – I: The Law of Retaliation

Posted: May 16, 2016 in Reviews
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Blood of the Wolf - I: The Law of Retaliation

Chicago’s barbarous blackened death metal horde Blood of the Wolf’s debut record, ‘I: The Law of Retaliation’ was released towards the end of last year, but this has been my first opportunity to get into it. This is a band that mixes thrash, black metal and even parts of melodic death metal into a record that pulses with barely controlled fury.

After the machine gun melodies of the ‘Annihilation Overture’ intro, we are thrust directly into the howling maelstrom of ‘With Iron Weapons and Will’, which is a relentless bludgeoning of fiery black metal. Owing a large debt to the ferocity of Marduk, Blood of the Wolf have a thick sound that also is reminiscient of the likes of Hate Eternal and Vader. ‘I: The Law of Retaliation’ is a seamless blend of both sides of the extreme coin. The unbearably heavy ‘Ours is the Blood of Courage’ is a great example of how good this fucking band are.

If you’re looking for a record that’ll sandblast your mind into oblivion, leaving you gasping for more savage black/death goodness, the Blood of the Wolf is your band, and ‘I: The Law of Retaliation’ is the album to get. From the scathing ‘Bellicose Ethos’ to the classic Marduk cover ‘With Satan and Victorious Weapons’, Blood of the Wolf leave no one alive in their furrow of death and destruction. Superb!


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