Review: Necrocracy – I

Posted: May 15, 2016 in Reviews
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Necrocracy - I

Glaswegian black/death metallers Necrocracy came to my attention through head honcho of Northern Darkness distro Luke, who told me that if I liked properly nast death metal, I needed to get a copy of these guys’ demo cassette ‘I’. So, since he had some copies, I purchased, and damn if he wasn’t right!

Opener ‘Mental Annihilation’ is a rabid assault, guitar work laced with a Swedeath buzzing and vocals that sound like gargling with acid. A rattling, primitive death metal attack with a raspy black metal coating, Necrocracy bludgeon you relentlessly while a primordial evil seeps into every fetid riff. ‘The Secret Dark’ and ‘Legacy of a Parasite’ have more overt black metal influences, where icy blasting meets guttural vocals in a perfect storm of extremity. The latter is particularly good, but it’s nudged out by the chameleonic ‘A Time to Sleep’, that mixes in dashes of gloomy doom to the cauldron.

‘I’ has been a revelation. Necrocracy are a gem of a band, and their scathing black/death metal savagery should not be missed! Ensure you seek them out, as this demo promises much in the future for this band. I’m looking forward to their next cassette dropping through my door in the next few days!


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