Review: Lucifericon – Brimstone Altar

Posted: May 15, 2016 in Reviews
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Lucifericon - Brimstone Altar

Blood Harvest Records brings us the new EP from Dutch destroyers Lucifericon, the first music since 2012’s ‘The Occult Waters’. These death metallers have dropped two tracks, totalling over 20 minutes of esoteric brutality, available now on 12″ vinyl.

The unrepentant, scorching ‘Brimstone Altar/The Jaws of Time’ erupts from the speakers as you star tthis record up. The thrashing darkness gives way to more measured, almost Sabbathian doom, interrupted by blasting death metal. The production is raw but clear, allowing the primal savagery to shine through, but the riffs are not lost in the mix. This is an epic piece, a shapeshifter that combines bowel scraping heaviosity with a fiery rage. The second and longest track, ‘Witch of the Cosmic Grave’, opens with eerie ambience, building to the inevitable death/doom riffageddon. A more measured pace is emplyed to start, before the tempo picks up a dash. The wailing solo fits straight in with the grimey, menacing monolith of a closer.

Lucifericon has dropped a beauty here. ‘Brimstone Altar’ is a mature, well written piece that expertly combines a gloomy atmosphere with a dose of doom and scathing black/death metal. ‘Witch of the Cosmic Grave’ is worth the money alone, so find it and spin it and love it!


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