Review: Gallower – The Witch Hunt is On

Posted: May 13, 2016 in Reviews
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Gallower - Witch Hunt Is On

Eastern European bands seem to have this extra viciousness that some western bands lack. Perhaps it’s the religious influence, or the historical repression under the Soviet bloc. Whatever it is, they always sounds pretty pissed off. Gallower is a perfect example of this, as a ravaging blackened thrash group from the Polish underground, their tape debut ‘The Witch Hunt is On’ showcases this ferocity in all its blood spitting glory.

‘King of the Ashes’ is a low fi, thrashing gem that reeks of early Sodom, Kreator and Bathory. It’s along the same lines as the excellent Hellripper in that there’s touches of almost classic heavy metal stapled in there somewhere. ‘Necromancer’s intro riff is a rusty saw to the vein, savagely direct and nasty. The band are possessed of a bug eyed intensity that rarely lets up, and their enthusiasm is infectious. ‘The Inquisitor’ is the best track here, with its vintage proto thrash intro and the throat shredding vocals, laying waste to us all with squalling solo work and battering thrash riffs.

The kind of blackened speed metal thrashing that invokes many invisible oranges, the wearing of bullet belts and the praising of Satan, Gallower’s debut is a fucking excellent release. We need more of this kind of chaos in our lives, and songs like the blazing ‘Holy Light’ or the relentless ‘Burning Redemption’ mark them out as something special.


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