Live Review: Marduk/Immolation/Origin (10/05/16)

Posted: May 12, 2016 in Live Reviews
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Let me preface this review by saying that I went to this gig for Immolation, not for Marduk. It’s not that I am not a big fan of the black metal war machine, but I originally bought a ticket on the fact that Immolation were playing, not realising who the headliner was. The fact that Marduk and Origin turned out to also be on the bill was a bonus! I was to be reminded what a potent live act Marduk were this warm night in Glasgow.

But first, Origin. Due to traffic issues, I had missed first band Bio-Cancer which I was disappointed by but I heard good things so I’ll look them up in the next few days. Origin are a band I don’t know a lot of stuff by, but they did play a number of tracks from the album I do have, ‘The Antithesis’. They were brutally tight, and technically dazzling, particularly during the devastating ‘Wrath of Vishnu’. Frontman Jason Keyser was insistent on getting a pit going, and even invoked a black metal vs death metal Wall of Death at the end. Short but brutally sweet.

Immolation are one of those bands that, like Incantation, I’ve never had the chance to see live until this year. I’ve been on a bit of a quest to see bands I’ve not had a chance to before this year, and Immolation were rather high on that list. Their brand of dense, holy fucking shit heaviness was muchly appreciated, and they brought a range of material from the vintage ‘Father You’re Not a Father’ to the crushing ‘Echoes of Despair’ and the title track to their last record, ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’. Ross Dolan assures us that a new record is coming in November, which means hopefully we won’t have to wait another 9 years for them to return to Scotland. Unfathomably heavy death metal from these almost 30 year New York veterans.

Marduk reaffirmed for me last night just why I should’ve been more excited to see them again. Last time I saw them here was supporting the ‘Wormwood’ record with Anaal Nathrakh as support, and they were as devastating then as they are now, a furious fire breathing entity of hate and blasphemy. Shrouded in smoke, their savage classics like ‘Still Fucking Dead’ and ‘Panzer Division Marduk’ tore through the sea of horns raised before them. More modern cuts like the excellent ‘Throne of Rats’ and the ripping ‘Wartheland’ from last year’s ‘Frontschwein’, a record I haven’t had a lot of time with yet, showcase the band’s primal rage and easily slot in amongst the classics. I went to this gig for Immolation, but I came home blasting Marduk in the car. Supreme, extreme majesty from all bands tonight!


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