Review: Rotting Repugnancy – Harbingers of the Last Judgement

Posted: May 4, 2016 in Reviews
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Rotting Repugnancy - Harbingers of the Last Judgement

British death metallers Rotting Repugnancy’s newest record, the crushing ‘Harbingers of the Last Judgement’ has just arrived on my doorstep, and their dense, rumbling assault is just what I’ve been looking for after a hard ass weekend at work. They’ve got this awesome rumbling death sound that really appeals to me. ‘Harbingers of the Last Judgement’ is out now on CDN Records.

The first reference point I get with Rotting Repugnancy is the relentless, crushing rumble of Bolt Thrower. Being the Killchain, that earns a lot of points straight out. There’s something about this record that is weighty. Not just heavy in riffs, but literally weighs down upon you. Oppressive riffing steamrollers your senses, particularly the excellent ‘Despised and Rejected’. Each song courses with tar thick groove, channelling the great powers of Asphyx and the like. Just like the apocalyptic cover art, this feels like end of the world music. ‘Godless World’ is the sound of riffs burying the world in ash and fire.

Riffs that could crack the earth, an unstoppable juggernaut of death metal bears down on you when you put this record on. It revels in titanic groove, rumbling brutality and an endless stream of headbanging riffs. Rotting Repugnancy are taking up the mantle from Bolt Thrower and proving once more than British death metal is alive. Crush your enemies to this music!

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