Review: Atrocious Abnormality – Formed in Disgust

Posted: May 1, 2016 in Reviews
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Atrocious Abnormality - Formed in Disgust

North Carolina death metal destroyers Atrocious Abnormality have returned with the devastating follow up to 2007’s ‘Echoes of the Rotting’, and ‘Formed in Disgust’ is half an hour of brutality supreme. The album is out now on Comatose Music.

Opener ‘Failed Apocalypse’ opens with ominous spoken word samples about the end of the world, before the slams begin. There is a definite latter day Suffocation influence here, and that runs through the rest of the record too. But Atrocious Abnormality are no mere clone; their riff game is strong and their vocals are unholy! ‘Exterminate the Apostles’ showcases some nice basswork in amongst the pinch harmonics and slamming riffs, and the crushing brutality on show maintains its intensity through the rumbling ‘Storm of Ash’ and the jarring title track.

‘Formed in Disgust’ is a strong brutal death metal record that avoids some of the pitfalls of the genre (no fucking pig squealing thank Christ), while still creating something of supreme heaviness. Accept the likes of ‘Bound for Damnation’ into your life and your neck will never be the same. Your muscles with break, and the blood shall pour from your frothing mouth, while Atrocious Abnormality continue to slam those riffs into the ground!


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