Review: Mangled – Involuntary Organ Donor

Posted: April 30, 2016 in Reviews
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Mangled - Involuntary Organ Donor

Death thrashing terror merchants Mangled have returned from the slimey hell of Atlanta, Georgia to belch out another 7″ EP gem of a release, ‘Involuntary Organ Donor’ on Boris Records. Three new songs of gore soaked metal awaits thee…

The ominous hum of ‘They’re Not Gonna Stay Down There Anymore’ opens this EP with some nasty riffing before the chugging title track really lays in the brutality with some proper deathly thrashing. Mangled are short, sharp and directly to the vicious, bloodsoaked point. It is catchy as hell though, and there’s undeniable melodic licks in amongst the raw brutality. ‘Butchery Loves Company’ has some nice chunky death metal riffing at the start, and the breakneck speed of the assault is headbang-inducing. Both main tracks here have that to their immense credit that they are very memorable.

Mangled have nailed this 7″ perfectly; a short sharp shock to the senses, injected with some memorable riffing and more than a dose of crushing guitar work. Excellent stuff!


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