Review: Sea – Self-Titled

Posted: April 26, 2016 in Reviews
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Boston sludge group Sea dropped their debut EP last year, three tracks of heavy grooving doom with elements of post metal and even a little grunge in there. The haunting cover art makes the music inside seem even more dense and frightening.

Opener ‘Seer’ has a vastness about it. Sure, it has crushing riffs and a primal roar that shakes the ground, but there is a sense of open space where ethereal melodies lurk behind oppressive sludge. ‘Moros’ has that same, glacial melody that ghosts through, haunting vocals accompanying it perfectly. As it swells to an inevitable crescendo, Sea have created a debut that builds with layers to create excellent post metal/sludge. The grinding groove of closer ‘Chronos’, complete with a melancholic croon, creates Sea’s most perfect moment, and this band are to be watched!


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