Review: Morkesagn – Where the Darkness Never Ends

Posted: April 25, 2016 in Reviews
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Ukrainian black metal eh? Wonder what this sounds like…. Wait a minute, an actual BAND instead of these one man projects? What a refreshing change! Not that I don’t like the one man atmospheric stuff from the Easternest edges of Europe, but it is always good to be surprised. Morkesagn channel only the most classic second wave Norwegian black metal for their debut effort, ‘Where the Darkness Never Ends’, self released in November of last year.

Opener ‘Dungeons’ eases you in with a disarmingly ethereal melody, taken up by a piercing guitar tone that tears through space and time to unleash vintage, vicious black metal. Possessed of an occult grandeur, with rich clean vocal parts enhancing a primal rage with glacial menace, Morkesagn switch tempos effortlessly in order to retain your interest. The measured hatred bubbling under the slowburn start of ‘Heart of Darkness’ is instantly effective, while the bone rattling ‘Heart of Poison’ is rife with nasty Darkthrone-isms.

The lead guitarwork is stellar, particularly in some of the killer solos. The Dissection-esque rage of ‘Heart of Flame’, and indeed many of the songs carry that super melodic blackened metal that Jon Nodtvedt et al pioneered, are all excellent. From the swirling icy riffs of ‘Frost’ into closing piece ‘Throne of Doom’, Morkesagn are a force of black metal supremacy to be reckoned with. Precise, sharp and ready to kill. Glorious black metal art!


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