Review: Necrogrinder – Rolf Harrisment/Primeministerial Enslamination

Posted: April 17, 2016 in Reviews
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Rolf Harrisment / Primeministerial Enslamination cover art

I was drawn to this record purely because of the particularly genius album title. I mean, how can you NOT listen to this record, at least once? Fortunately Necrogrinder have captured a collection of insanely heavy slamming death metal songs to live up to that excellent title. These Sheffield, UK destroyers bring us some heavy slamming chaos!

‘Reconstituted Meat Incest’ slams like the bastard son of Dying Fetus and some spastic goregrind unit that eludes me at this present time. There’s plenty of savage riffs and massive breakdowns to wrap your brain around, and each track can inspire intense headbanging. As you can tell with some of the song titles too, there is a great sense of fun about this band, and samples from ‘Archer’ and ‘Futurama’ also helps matters. I particularly enjoyed the slamming brutality of ‘Fistorectomy’ and the bowel scraping crush of ‘Goryhole’.

If you don’t dig this kinda of death/grind/slam hybrid, then Necrogrinder are not for you. I like it in small doses, and this half hour record hits the sweet spot dead on. Planet cracking breakdowns, guttural roars, squeals and grunts lead ‘Rolf Harrisment’ firmly ahead in the quality brutal death stakes. Heavy as a motherfucker, get yourself some!


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