Review: Morag Tong – Through Clouded Time (EP)

Posted: April 17, 2016 in Reviews
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London based stoner doom types Morag Tong (from the assassin group in ‘Elder Scrolls’) have dropped their debut EP, ‘Through Clouded Time’, in late January. I have no

Opener ‘Monolithian’ rises from the humming feedback laden void, and drops into a thick, sludgy groove easily. Shuddering riffing ploughs a devastating furrow through your mind, bringing to mind Electric Wizard, but without the hazy occult vibe. A short but effective first track, that opens into the expansive grinding swagger of ‘Godhead’. Morag Tong are heavy as fuck, and with an overt Wizard influence that plays directly into my wheelhouse. Vocalist Adam Asquith has a primal roar but it is somewhat soothing too, especially as the track opens in to a Kyussian desert doom space.

I’m digging what Morag Tong do here. ‘Through Clouded Time’ is crushing, but every riff piledrives through with a natural, authentic feel. The ‘sunrise over the Mojave’ intro to the title track is pure magic, and there’s a naked honesty about this EP that is endearing. Dashes of early Kylesa peek through every now and then, but Morag Tong mostly go their own way. It is a way that means, by the end of ‘The Eyes of Men’ you are ready to hit repeat and enjoy this wonderful riff paradise all over again


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