Review: Black Shape of Nexus – Carrier

Posted: April 15, 2016 in Reviews
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Black Shape of Nexus - Carrier

German doom heavyweights Black Shape of Nexus return with their most crushing album yet, the devastating ‘Carrier’. I first found these guys on their self titled record back in 2007, and was instantly impressed by the sheer dark weight of their music, and the fourth record will not disappoint people looking for that massive doom fix.

Opener ‘I Can’t Play It’ builds from squalling feedback into this mammoth, crawling riff. A primal, swampy roar emerges from the riff, a voice of the void if ever you’ll hear one. The band feels like Neurosis if Neurosis descended too far from their mountain palace of the RIFF and met EyeHateGod for a drink. Power is the main feeling; a primal, earth shaking power in every granite hewn riff and ancient roar. ‘Lift Yourself’ feels almost drone like until a crusty explosion near the end heralds a newfound ferocity.

‘Sand Mountain’ has a killer groove to it, and it has an almost ominous, hypnotic feel that builds to more tectonic riffage, to the almost Kyuss like rumble of ‘Facepunch Transport Layer’. ‘Carrier’ is a record that explores many facets of this primal doom, lacing each with atmospherics and exuding, like I’ve said before, power. There’s an ungovernable force that captures this record and propels it forward, and when things come to a crashing end with the Hellhammer cover ‘Triumph of Death’, after the superlative heaviness of ‘Sachsenheim’, you know you’ve been party to something quite special. Support this band, because this new album is something rather special, unique and exhiliratingly heavy in parts!

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