Review: Widower – The Unholy Oath

Posted: April 14, 2016 in Reviews
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‘The Unholy Oath’ is the third EP from Texan thrashers Widower, and it is a savage burst of primal thrashing blackness, written with razor wire guitar strings and the kind of punishing double bass that forces you relentlessly to kneel in awe. It is out now via the band’s Bandcamp.

Opener ‘Morose Delectation’ is a mission statement, with unstoppable blasting underpinning a solid guitar assault and a ragged shriek. Widower are uncompromising in their songs; each track possesses a blackened magic about them that adds to the rabid nature of their style. ‘Immortal Lament’ has an almost Immortal-esque coldness to it, and while they don’t possess the fire of the likes of Skeletonwitch, Widower have that vintage feel about them. They have got a little bit of Sodom about them, a little bit of Aura Noir, and their howling solos are very early Slayer too.

The high energy ‘Unholy Force’ is my favourite track here, coupling some badass thrashing riffs with earworm melody and a nasty vocal performance that provides the bloodstained icing on this cake of metal. This kind of primal thrash is great when it’s done right, and Widower do it right. Check out the excellently titled and rampant ‘Whore Crusher’ as proof of this. ‘The Unholy Oath’ reinvigorates my faith in the future of thrash, because if bands like this make records this good, then headbanging and air guitaring is going to get back into style very quickly. Thrash til death!


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