Review: Ravens Creed – Ravens Krieg

Posted: April 14, 2016 in Reviews
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If you don’t know this band, then I urge you to seek out their debut ‘Albion Thunder’, which steamrollered the competition in 2009. Featuring members of Orange Goblin and Sabbat, it was and still is crushing crusty death metal fury and now, 3 years after their second album ‘The Power’, we were finally being treated to a follow up. ‘Ravens Krieg’ promises more of the same, and it came out last October on Xtreem Music.

Opener ‘Rock Cemetery’ is a skull battering assault of rough and ready death metal, that sounds like iron boots grinding bones to dust. It’s fearsome, violent and totally uncompromising, which is something you can say for almost every track on this raucous record. There’s rumbling Bolt Thrower-esque violence in the form of’Victory in Defeat’ as well as waspish thrashing crust ‘(‘VIP Treatment’). But there is a snotty, crust punk attitude that infects every rusty riff that provides the most fun here. The shout along thunder of ‘Bitten by Witch Fever’ is my favourite track, although it is pushed close by the raging ‘Brigade 77’ that follows it.

Ravens Creed have nailed their blitzkrieg of proto deaththrash riffs perfectly, and ‘Ravens Krieg’ flies past you in such a flash that you’ve gotta put it straight back to the start and go again! The simple fact that the record ends with a 13 minute crusty death thrasher that never gets boring is testament to the quality on show here. Incredibly addictive, no frills, no bullshit death metal carnage that deserves your attention and your hard earned cash. Awesome

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