Review: Live Burial – Forced Back to Life

Posted: April 6, 2016 in Reviews
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About two years ago, I raved about the bloodstained might of Newcastle’s Live Burial, and how their 2014 self titled EP was one of the goddamn heaviest things I’d heard in years. Well, this year sees the release of their debut full length record ‘Forced Back to Life’ on Dunkelheit Produktionen, and what a sludgy void of death metal it is!

After the oddly soothing intro, ‘Forced Back to Life’ throws you into the mire and watches you drown in gurgling Autopsy worship. The riffing is savage, solos scream wildly and the howling vocal performance only increases that unhinged feel. ‘Age of Oblivion’ is the kind of skull caving assault that inspires the most intense of headbanging, and that rotten Swedeath feel the band had in their original demo and EP still looms large over the grinding ‘Mocata’s Revenge’. A crazed macabre atmosphere infects every song with a hint of undead madness, with intense bass work. Always good to hear death metal bands that push the bass forward so it isn’t just a hidden element.

‘Sleep Paralysis’ is my favourite track here; a blend of crushing sludgy riffs and some killer galloping lead work, with wailing solos leading the charge. By the time the crushing brutality of ‘Hung Above the Meat Grinder’ and the closing violence of ‘Enter the Chapel of Splatter’ leave you battered, bleeding and wanting more, ‘Forced Back to Life’ lives up the hype the band created with their early work, and begins to scratch the surface of what Live Burial are truly capable of. A storming debut here from the Newcastle boys, and there will be a struggle to top this as one of my top releases of this year. Uncompromising, unrelenting, unstoppable. Watch these guys carefully.


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