Review: Exalter – Obituary for the Living

Posted: April 4, 2016 in Reviews
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Thrash is at its best when the threat of nuclear annihilation is high. I think that’s why Exalter have that killer vibe, as they sit in an area of the world where their two large neighbours could spark a nuclear war. The threat of the bomb has always inspired fine metal, and Exalter are no exception, with their stunning new record ‘Obituary for the Living’. Containing tracks from their ‘Democrasodomy’ demo, as well as some new tracks, ‘Obituary for the Living’ is coming out on Transcending Obscurity in April.

The other important thing for good thrash, besides nuclear destruction, is riffs. Exalter have some great gallopers, with the uber catchy ‘Surrounded by Evil’ being an instant hit. The guitar work is sharp and fluid, the solos are killer and the songwriting is tight. Taking their cues from prime Testament and Megadeth, Exalter take the vintage feel of 80s thrash and revamp it for 2016. Sounding fresh and classic at the same time isn’t easy, but ‘Obituary for the Living’ is a thrash record that seems timeless. Approaching societal and third world issues in their lyrics gives the songs a more authentic feel as well.

‘Nuclear Punishment’ is particularly rampant, and Exalter give their countrymen in Surtur a run for their money as the best thrash outfit I’ve heard from the subcontinent area. Could Bangladeshi thrash be the new scene to keep an eye on? ‘Throat Cutters’ has some dashes of classic Slayer, while ‘Thrash Resurgence’ personifies everything good that the band do. I love this record for its honesty, the enthusiasm and the simple fact that every song on this record rips like a fucking demon. Buy, Support, THRASH!


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