Review: Insision – Terminal Reckoning

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Reviews
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Insision - Terminal Reckoning

Swedish crushers Insision have unleashed ‘Terminal Reckoning’ on Sevared Records, marking new levels of brutality and crushing Scandinavian death metal. I first came upon Insision on their relentless ‘Ikon’ in 2007. I was a fan then, and hopefully ‘Terminal Reckoning’ can live up to that good memory.

Devastation starts immediately with ‘Among Us’, when thunderous blasts rain down upon your battered ears, brutal growls and sledgehammer riffs following in a cascade of heaviosity. It feels like classic Cannibal Corpse, particularly the first three records. ‘Ominous Spiral’ is more of the same, but there’s a slightly manic Suffocation vibe to it. Death metal is one of those genres where its more about the feel of the music, rather than execution of the style. Bands can easily become half-assed clones of the legends, but Insision pay tribute while also keeping their riffs fresh (well, freshly slaughtered) and their bass forward riffing patterns is very welcome.

The chugging yet almost proggy delights of ‘Infected’ and the particularly heavy, slowburn of ‘Old Ways’ is ear candy to me, with a thick old school brutal death vibe. Before it became pig squealing and massive breakdowns, brutal death was like this; concise, tenchical but mainly about smashing your brain into the pavement. ‘Shapeshifting’ has this cool intro that drops into a thick groove with machine gun double kicks, very reminscient of Suffocation’s ‘Blood Oath’ in its low end groove.

‘Terminal Reckoning’ is a smart brutal death record. Not satisfied with merely endless violence, Insision keep their songs varied in tempo, style and therefore it leads to a more engaging and rewarding album. Refreshingly straightforward, and headbangingly heavy, Insision have crafted here a high quality piece of death metal, full of great riffs, interesting song writing and an inherent tightness that shows what kind of professionals they are.


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