Review: Gomorrah – The Haruspex

Posted: March 25, 2016 in Reviews
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Gomorrah are a Canadian three piece that plays crushing deathcore/death metal, laden with strange tones and riffing. Taking cues from the oddness of fellow Canadians Gorguts and Ulcerate, Gomorrah’s ‘The Haruspex’ is an album full of alien melodies and devastating brutality.

Opener ‘Imperial’ builds with a threatening riff, before a huge collapse signals one of this year’s most brutal breakdowns. ‘Nine Kings of Sulphur’ opens with spiralling guitar before crushing brutality ensues. Gomorrah have this almost futuristic bent to their sledgehammer assault, with the stop start carnage of ‘Carcosa’ doused in a wailing, otherworldly siren of a solo. Eerie atonal melodies also haunt the thundering ‘Dismantling the Throne’.

The earth cracking ‘Sitra Achra’ is the first single from the record, and you can see why. It encapsualtes their sound perfectly; that HUGE breakdown, those eerie clean guitar melodies, the guttural roar and bug eyed intensity. The same can be said for the machine gun massacre of ‘Crowns of Flesh’ which recalls Ion Dissonance at their most potent. When this kind of brutality is executed well, like here, it can be so invigorating. Smashing anything in its way, ‘The Haruspex’ is a rippling beast of a record, full of muscular breakdowns that would destroy those who are unprepared.

From the power of ‘Venom and Rapture’ to the head cavingly heavy closer ‘The Mark of Veritas’, Gomorrah have crafted an album of heavy hitting, world destroying riffs and will crush you under their weight. Superb work, can’t wait for more!


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