Review: Morgue Supplier – Morgue Supplier

Posted: March 23, 2016 in Reviews
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Chicago has brought us many great bands, and the newest features members of twisted sludge doom troupe Drug Honkey, but this time they are bringing the brutality in death /grinders Morgue Supplier. Raging, filthy grinding brutality is the operation here, and it is carried out with malicious intent.

Morgue Supplier go directly for the jugular here, bringing to mind the severity of bands like Brutal Truth or even the devilish Rotten Sound. Songs like ‘Mental Slum’ and the horror of ‘Cultic Rape’, create this scene of moral depravity and unhinged violence. Thunderous blastbeats fight with severe and scathing riffs, and there’s a brutally guttural vocal performance.

The more mid paced chug of ‘End of Self’ gives you a break between blasting to provide you with a good dose of headbanging. It has a particularly savage bent to it, and therefore could be my album highlight. The solo is even pretty melodic too. ‘Rotting in an Alley’ also has one of those bowel scrapingly heavy slow moments that is just brutal. The variety on show here is definitely approved of, and the sickening groove that appears every so often is killer.

With more carnage and deathly violence than you could shake a large, bloodstained stick at, Morgue Supplier’s second record is full of killer songs that either slash you fast and deep, or a thick groove that takes its time, teasing a slow inexorable death from you. Feel the rage of ‘Dead Room’, or the ferocity of the flailing ‘Graveyard Filler’ and that’ll assure them of their place in the upper echelons of new death metal! Fucking excellent record, and will be a highlight for the end of year lists!

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