Review: Glaramara – Blackest Apostasy

Posted: March 22, 2016 in Demo Review, Reviews
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Blackest Apostasy cover art

The first of two Glaramara releases I’ve had the fortune of getting my hands on is their three track demo ‘Blackest Apostasy’. A new member of the vibrant Cumbrian black metal scene, Glaramara’s sound conjures the dark spirits of Carparthian Forest and Mayhem.

Back to basics black metal is the order of the day, and the opening title track is ferociously cold and savage. Scathing riffage scythes through your veins, while the raw, guttural shriek of Matt H is enough to turn your blood to ice. Like all good black metal, there are eerie melodies hidden within the blasting and howling rage, like the gloomy ‘Lunar Madness’ and its killer solo.

Finishing with the unholy incantation of ‘Wings of Obsidian’, Glaramara show great potential here for the future. Another triumph for the ferocious Cumbrian winter, driving the blackened hordes from their icy felltops and bringing the nightmarish howl of the frozen wind with them. Jet black and nasty, but with melancholic melody creeping in, Glaramara are going to be worth watching out for.


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