Review: Embalmer – Emanations from the Crypt

Posted: March 21, 2016 in Reviews
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Embalmer - Emanations from the Crypt

American death metal cult legends Embalmer have finally returned with their second full length record, ‘Emanations from the Crypt’. Out in April on Hells Headbangers, it sees the Ohio band come firing on all cylinders with a raw and brutal half hour of nasty death metal.

If ‘Emanations from the Crypt’ has one major quality, it is the sheer relentlessness of the death on offer. Each song comes raging from the blocks, like torrents of boiling blood pouring upon you, intent on suffocating you with brutality. Take the ferocity of opener ‘Dead Female Stalker’, or the unholy bludgeoning of the title track. Embalmer are not here to fuck around, they are here to destroy, plain and simple. ‘The Coroner’s Report’ barely stops for breath, crashing down upon you with feral grindcore riffs. Everything Embalmer do is surgical, savage and precise in its fetid chaos.

‘Emanations from the Crypt’ is an album for when you need something uncompromisingly heavy and seethingly fast. The brutality on show is unparalleled, and Embalmer are yet another example of an older death metal band coming back and showing exactly what people missed the first time around. Their ‘There Was Blood Everywhere’ EP was a hint of what was to come, and ‘Emanations…’ follows up on that. The shorter tracks like ‘Procession of Bones’ or the waspish ‘Undead Exaltation’ are my highlights, blasting past with barely contained fury, but you’ll pretty much find something for every death metal fan out there. BROOTAL!


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