Review: Deathcult – Demo 12

Posted: March 21, 2016 in Demo Review
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Deathcult - Demo '12

Switzerland’s Deathcult are rereleasing their 2012 demo on CD through Invictus Productions, in preparation for their upcoming full length that they are in the studio recording. A ragged, filthy death metal gem, this was the introduction to the scene for Deathcult, and it still stands today as a potent reminder of the importance of a good demo tape!

The chugging thunder of the ‘Intro’ turns into a flailing rabid slice of Swedish death worship, a clattering fiery instrumental that bleeds straight into the cavernous roar of ‘Deathcult’. A vibe that screams early Death or the savagery of Massacre is instantly recognisable, along with the grinding Asphyx rumble. ‘Beasts of Faith’ is equally strong; a dense powerhouse of a track, with thick murky riffage.

But the piece de resistance is the ten minute plus ‘Deus Bonus Est’, which has all kinds of eerie melodies within a monolith frame. The start builds around this crawling, undead riff which then explodes into a cascade of filthy chainsaw riffs and an unholy roar. It’s one of the finest pieces of death metal you’ll ever hear; a definitive old school vibe, stretching the sickening Autopsy groove into that insidious Scandanavian melodic edge. When the fade out comes with mournful acoustics, you know you’ve just been shown something special.

Closing with a bonus track, the ravaging ferocity of ‘Summoned’, Deathcult’s debut demo is a stunning piece of death metal carnage which only raises hopes and expectations for their debut full length. If its half as good as this, it’ll be more than worth the wait.

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