Review: Concrete – Chambers of Afterlife

Posted: March 20, 2016 in Reviews
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Concrete - Chambers of Afterlife

Bulgarian bruisers Concrete are onto their second album of skull crushing brutal death metal. ‘Chambers of Afterlife’ is out now on Rebirth the Metal Productions, and, in line with fellow countrymen Enthrallment, it is a rabid deathly machine of riffs and brutality.

‘Tied to the Pyre’ opens with the kind of riff that brings to mind classic Suffocation, and from there you begin a journey through chugging riffs, guttural vocals and the odd squealing solo. What I can never quite understand about death metal is how so many bands can essentiually play very similar material and yet I can’t ever get sick of it. Concrete’s stuff is an amalgamation of Suffocation and Dying Fetus style brutality, yet their simple but effective riffing is fucking great. There’s a good mix of slower, bulldozer stuff and a battering faster style that is most evident in the chaos of ‘Necroenzyme’.

There’s always been a straightforward honesty to the brutal death metal that comes screaming from Eastern Europe. No frills, no bullshit, just rock solid head caving death metal that is heavy on neck wrecking riffs and pit inducing carnage. Concrete are just another fine addition to this pack, with sickening groove (‘A Chapter of Linked Murders’) and bloodthirsty terror (‘Upon Sacrificial Altars’). Combining the bottom heavy assault of Suffocation with the ferocity of early Deicide, Concrete are another Bulgarian brute to be reckoned with.


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