Review: Bedowyn – Blood of the Fall

Posted: March 20, 2016 in Reviews
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Bedowyn - Blood of the Fall

Well, Bedowyn have definitely got one of last year’s best album covers, and this North Carolina stoner doom mob’s ‘Blood of the Fall’ has the kind of sick groove that is befitting the underground psychedelic death of that poor deer…

After the looming intro riffs, ‘Rite to Kill’ comes rumbling from the deepest recesses of Iommi/Pike riff heaven. The dense, almost tribal drumming that underpins each sun baked riff is addictive, while the glorious melodies soar above. The solo is a thing of beauty, as is the progressive nature of the title track. There’s also more than a dash of Kylesa appearing in parts of the shimmering melodies of ‘Cotards Blade’ and the infectious ‘Leave the Living for Dead’. Kylesa are a band that don’t get anywhere enough credit for some of the bands their sound has spawned that are seriously good, and there’s definitely some stuff in here for fans.

The delicate, Appalachian acoustics of ‘For a Fleeting Moment’ have a dark undertone, and this bleeds into the unsettlingly atmospheric ‘Where Wings Will Burn’. Bedowyn have this unmistakable gift of marrying this intense sludgy heaviness with scorching melody. It makes ‘Blood of the Fall’ an exciting listen, and one full of parched beauty. Take the burning glory of ‘Lord of the Suffering’ as a perfect summation of this album’s excellence.


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