Review: A Soul Called Perdition – Into the Formless Dawn

Posted: March 20, 2016 in Reviews, Uncategorized
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A Soul Called Perdition - Into the Formless Dawn

A Soul Called Perdition are the brainchild of Tuomas Kuusinen from Finnish veterans Pain Confessor, and their debut record is made up of mainly unreleased tracks from his Pain Confessor days. It has just been released in digital format that you can find on the band’s website, and it is a creation from many facets of heavy metal.

Opener ‘Woe’ is a fast, melodeath number with some cool riffing and a great slice of melody. ‘There is No Shelter’ is more of the same, but with even dashes of blackened ferocity thrown in there too. That doesn’t stop the more melodic choruses from working though. A Soul Called Perdition have worked hard on created just the right blend of melody and extremity. Tracks like ‘Severance’ showcase this very well, while ‘Emptiness’ is an exercise in controlled brutality.

A Soul Called Perdition keep it pretty heavy most of the way through, and only let the most insidious of melodies sneak through, so that their sound is not controlled by it. The guitarwork is stellar, and this is displayed most proudly in the shredtastic ‘To Those Who Shall Follow’. But you’d be safe with pretty much track of this high quality, sleek, melodeath killing machine. Shred til death!


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