Review: Éohum – Ealdfaeder (EP)

Posted: March 16, 2016 in Reviews
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Éohum - Ealdfaeder

Montreal, Canada’s Eohum have a gimmick, and when you play black metal, you’d maybe think that isn’t a good thing. They have a French horn player, whose additions compliment the raging anger that Eohum bring surprisingly well. Their new EP, ‘Ealdfaeder’ is out soon on Mycelium Netwroks, run by the band’s founder member Jeremy Perkins.

The pagan intro to ‘Eurocide’ becomes an eerie black metal blastfest, with a brooding ferocity entwined with brass instrumentation. It’s razor sharp in its delivery, and the flourishes of the French horn give it that little bit extra depth. The slower parts are most effective, and the moments of dusty woodwind reinforces the EP message of returning to nature. ‘Unmasking a Wolrd of Deceit’ is a furious, scythe of black metal that slices through anything in its path.

As I hoped, the ‘gimmicky’ nature of the French horn player is kept to a minimum, so that when it is sparingly used it can be very effective. You are feeling nasty, blackened violence from Eohum, like the rabid venom that courses through every poisonous riff in ‘The Apathetic Plague’. The grandeur of latter period Septicflesh is a reference point here, and ‘Ealdfaeder’ has some great moments of almost doom splendour. ‘Ode to a Martyr’ is a ferocious piece and the closing blackened fury of ‘Curative Undulations’ pushes it close for the fiercest track here.

‘Ealdfaeder’ is a high quality EP, showing Eohum to be a force to watch out for in the future. The song writing is great, the fury is real and the little additions make it all the more special. I love this record, and so should you.


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