Review: Apathy Noir – Across Dark Waters

Posted: March 15, 2016 in Reviews
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Gloomy Swedish doom lords Apathy Noir have opened the gates of misery to let loose their third opus, ‘Across Dark Waters’, and a more morose piece of progressive, deathly doom you may struggle to find this year.

Obsidian opener ‘Beyond the Sea’ is a polished, monolithic piece of titanic sadness. Waves of crashing doom riffs roll over you, while a My Dying Bride-esque gloom envelopes the entire album. It reminds me a lot of Swallow the Sun’s ‘Ghosts of Loss’; a vast swathe of stone hewn riffs and earth shaking growls coupled with a Scandanavian knack for dark melodies. ‘Lure of the Sirens’ has some great melancholy in the clean vocal parts, and there are some fairly heavy sections with plenty of almost blackened fury lurking behind some of the violin parts.

Each track, while sticking to the same general formula, manages to ooze with a glacial class. There’s a measured clarity of vision with tracks like ‘Constance Willow II’, and the glum ‘Death of Hope’ that really hits the spot. Even with long tracks, the music never becomes boring or stale. The dynamics are great, the melodies are dark but excellent, and when the hammer drops, like the start of the titan ‘A Gruesome Journey’, Apathy Noir really crank up that despair.

‘Across Dark Waters’ is a journey through a place of rain, fog and depression. It is a monolith of gloriously bleak music, and for that it can only be commended. A monstrous record of light and dark, where crushing riff meets pastoral acoustics, where growl meets croon, where darkness meets the faintest of light. ‘Across Dark Waters’ is a place of infinite misery and Apathy Noir inject enough moments that allow you to hope for a better life…

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