Review: Funeral Moth – Transience

Posted: March 13, 2016 in Reviews
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Japanese doom lords Funeral Moth are unleashing their latest masterpiece ‘Transience’ upon us through Weird Truth Productions, and what a glorious two tracks of crushing misery and melancholy it seems to be. Dark introspection hides within these spacious and minimalist riffs.

First track ‘Transience’ moves at a funereal pace, with echoes of latter period Earth in amongst the rumbling growls. Mournful riffing does appear in patches, but it is mainly clean guitar with glacial melodies and an overreaching sense of sadness and despair. There’s a kinship between this record and the ‘The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull’, but Funeral Moth is a little faster, and their vocals are definitely more brutal. ‘Lost’ is more guttural, more raw, more intense in its delivery. It has some of the more insistent moments, and more of the riffing, but the glacial, almost post metal parts are swelling and uplifting in a way that helps raise you from the miasmic gloom.

An almost meditational album, where the doom comes from the inward seeking viewpoint, the search for inner peace amongst the turmoil of modern life. ‘Transience’ is the most peaceful doom record you’ll hear this year, and yet still one of the most crushing. ‘Transience’ is an album that offers little in the way of riffs, yet a huge amount in the way of atmosphere, with a haunting minimalist approach that leaves you with open spaces to pour your own interpretations. Proof that music doesn’t need to be laden with riffs to be soul destroying poignant and heavy.

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