Review: Torture Rack – Barbaric Persecution

Posted: March 12, 2016 in Reviews
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Memento Mori are building a reputation for having some of the best death metal releases on their roster, it looks like Portland, Oregon’s Torture Rack is going to add their ‘Barbaric Persecution’ to that list. An album that follows the recent trend for vile, filth ridden death metal that summons the ancient spirits of Autopsy and early Cannibal Corpse.

The intro dredges up those crawling, evil riffs from chasms of evil and death, and that dread lurks at the edge of your consciousness as you are subjected to a relentless, battering assault. ‘Talent for Torture’ is a thrashy, short sharp burst of unbridled fury, while the excellently titled ‘Apocalyptic Wrath of the Undead’ is a churning, punishing collection of Autopsy riffs and an almost Obituary-like stomp. That Obituary stomp comes into play most effectively in the brutally catchy ‘Sentenced to Gang Rape’.

‘Barbaric Persecution’ is just that; barbaric. A cacophony of sludgy brutality that show no respect for life nor limb. The musical equivalent of being strapped to a table and ritually dissected with rusty implements. Torture Rack have got some great riffing, and the heavy debt they pay to Autopsy and Coffins is worth every single bloodsoaked riff. This kind of ‘Old School Death Metal’ works for me, and even though it never wins any originality awards, it always has me banging my head and begging for more. I love this record

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