Review: Post Mortem – God With Horns

Posted: March 12, 2016 in Reviews
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If you are French, and you play death metal, you have two huge pinnacles to strain for; Gojira and Gorod. One redefines heaviness every time they write music, and the other is becoming slowly more respected as a technical death metal juggernaut. Post Mortem have been around a long time, since 1995 in fact, but ‘God With Horns’ marks their debut album, and what a revelation it is.

After the swelling, electronic intro track, you are hurled headlong into a brutally heavy maelstrom of dense death metal. ‘Spine Trophy’ is intense, crushing and yet insidiously catchy. The riffing is thick and chunky, with no small thrash influence, and you can also feel dashes of Bolt Thrower or Asphyx’s grinding heaviness (particularly the propulsive ‘Industrial Aborting Process’). That’s not to say that there isn’t dashes of melodies, or even almost clean vocals (like in the excellent ‘Rules of Death’), but your essential notes need to read ‘steam rolling death metal with excellent riffing’.

I think my favourite track here is ‘Eat the Cadaver’. The double kicks are endless, the vocals have this awesome, flesh tearing howl to them, and every riff has this innate headbangability to them. But that same feeling applies to many of the tracks here. Post-Mortem have got a chunky, thrashy sound that retains plenty of melody within the relentless punishment. ‘God With Horns’ is a great record with some of this year’s contenders for death metal song of the year, including the earth shaking title track. An album to be played repeatedly and loud, so that every brick in your house feels the sheer power of French death metal at its most primal.


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