Review: Ifrinn – Ifrinn 12″

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Reviews
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Ifrinn - Same cover art

Masters of ‘Caledonian Black Magick’ Ifrinn have released their debut MLP on Iron Bonehead, and it is a fearsome ode to the darkest corners of reality. A scratchy, raw offering to the gloomy murk of the dark side, where demon roars fight to be heard under suffocating black metal.

Opener ‘Descent into Shining Labyrinths’ weaves an elegant, ambient tapestry for ‘Oracular Phantasms’ to project its bestial, depressive gloom upon. Buzzing riffs and cavernous, echoing howls meet in a cacophony of black metal glory. This is music from the bowels of the underworld, grasping forth for flesh whilst avoiding the light. The torturous melodies of ‘Dweller in the Gulf’ are twisted and dire, sounding for all the world like an otherworldly choir of doom and devastation.

‘Sulfurous Oscillations’ follows the same dark ambient path that the opener does, creating an unsettling vibe that keeps you guessing about what is about to be unleashed. It is the lurking fear, drifting just outside your vision, whispering evil frequencies into your brain. Insidiously but highly effective, as is the spiralling guitars that propel the memorable ‘These Darkened Shrines’. Ifrinn are a pretty interesting prospect, and their self titled debut will help quench a thirst for anyone who is looking for a mix of bestial raw stuff and the more atmospheric stuff too. High quality material!



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