Review: Fuath – I

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Reviews
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Fuath - I

Fuath is the new black metal project from Saor mastermind Andy Marshall, and the gloriously pagan Scottish feel of Saor has been traded in for a more melancholic and hypnotic interpretation of black metal’s multifaceted approach. ‘I’ takes cues from early Burzum and Darkthrone to create something gloriously second wave in execution.

‘In the Hall of the Hunter’ roars from the olden forests, with endless streams of tremolo riffs wrapped in a murky gloom. Channelling the spirits of ‘Filosofem’ and even newer bands like Drudkh or Wolves in the Throne Room, Fuath are unflinchingly bleak. ‘Blood’ is possessed of a set of beautifully miserable melodies, and it feels almost slower, more measured. ‘I’ is a sleek, intense record of duality; both grimly raw and yet graceful in its dark beauty.

‘Oracle’ revels in its soar, gazing upon frozen forests from an ashen sky. Atmospheric black metal like this is ten a penny these days, but rarely is it done with such style, with such simple grace and flow. ‘I’ runs smoothly like one continuous river of night, ebbing and flowing but never losing itself, carving its own path. Closing with the epic scope of ‘Spirit of the North’, Fuath will leave you breathless and eager for more. This is the standard for all of 2016’s black metal to beat. Fucking astounding.


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